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The Generative AI Revolution

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generative AI

Generative AI is rapidly gaining popularity, and major tech companies like YouTube, Uber, Microsoft, and Swiggy are embracing the technology to enhance their platforms. Despite its occasional flaws in fact generation, the benefits of generative AI are too significant to ignore.

generative ai

YouTube is leveraging generative AI for video content. The company recently introduced AI-generated summaries for videos, allowing users to access concise overviews to help them choose the most compelling videos to watch. Currently available in English and limited to select videos, this feature aids content discovery.


Uber is joining the AI chatbot revolution by developing its own AI chatbot for integration into its ride-hailing app. While the specific launch date and functions of the chatbot have not been disclosed, it is expected to improve customer service, marketing, and automate various tasks.


LinkedIn is also tapping into generative AI by testing a feature that assists users in writing posts. Users can provide a brief summary of their main idea, and the AI will generate a draft that can be edited and shared on the platform. Additionally, LinkedIn has integrated generative AI-powered tools to enhance user profiles, resumes, cover letters, and is reportedly working on an AI coach to help with job applications.


Swiggy, the food delivery app, has exciting plans to introduce a neural search feature. This feature, integrated into the app’s search function, will utilize generative AI to comprehend highly specific food-related terms and queries. For example, users searching for “ice creams for diabetic patients” will receive intelligent suggestions for sugar-free ice cream. Swiggy’s neural search feature is powered by a Large Language Model (LLM) that understands culinary preferences and needs. The platform is also collaborating with a third-party to develop a GPT-4-based chatbot to answer customer queries.

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The rise of generative AI continues to shape various industries, enhancing user experiences and providing innovative solutions to everyday challenges. As technology advances, we can expect more companies to explore and implement generative AI in their products and services.

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