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Google new unknown tracker feature Alerts

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Called Unknown Tracker Alerts for Android devices. Google has introduced a new feature

Google new feature

How it works:

  1. Detection: The Unknown Tracker Alerts feature scans for Bluetooth trackers in the vicinity of the user’s device. If it detects a Bluetooth tracker that does not belong to the user, it sends a notification to the user.
  2. Notification: When a non-associated Bluetooth tracker is found, the user receives a notification on their Android device.
  3. Location Tracking: By tapping on the notification, the user can view the location of the detected Bluetooth tracker on a map. The map will also show the tracking history, indicating when the tracker started following them.
  4. Owner Information: To find out more about the owner of the tracker, the user can bring the tracker near the back of their phone. This action will reveal the serial number and information about the owner.
  5. Play Sound Option: If the user wants to locate the tracker without notifying the owner, they can use the ‘Play Sound’ option, which triggers a sound from the tracker.
google Unkown alert

Manual Scan:
If the feature does not automatically detect any trackers, users can manually trigger a scan. They can do this by going to the ‘Settings’ app on their phone, navigating to the ‘Safety and Emergency’ section, tapping on ‘Unknown tracker alerts,’ and pressing the ‘Scan Now’ button. The manual scan will display a list of trackers around the user that are separated from their owners.

Device Support:
Currently, the ‘Unknown Tracker Alerts’ feature supports Apple’s AirTag. However, Google plans to add support for more Bluetooth-based trackers in the future.

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Find My Device Network:
In addition to the Unknown Tracker Alerts feature, Google is also working on an improved ‘Find My Device’ network. This network will help users find lost items even when they are offline, similar to Apple’s offering.

By introducing these safety features, Google aims to enhance user security and privacy while using Bluetooth devices and protect them from potential misuse of tracking technology.

This feature aims to protect users from unwanted Bluetooth trackers that may be used for stalking or committing crimes like theft. The feature is available on devices running Android 6 Marshmallow or later.

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