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PhonePe launches Indus Appstore And 10 things you need to know

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PhonePe has unveiled the Indus Appstore Developer Platform, inviting Android app developers to register and upload their apps through the self-serve developer platform at These apps will be showcased on the upcoming “Made-in-India” Indus Appstore, curated to cater to Indian users with a personalized experience available in 12 languages.

  • PhonePe App store {INDUS}:10 things you need to know
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PhonePe App store

Initially, app listings on the PhonePe App store {INDUS} Developer Platform will be complimentary for the first year, followed by a nominal annual fee. Additionally, the Indus Appstore will refrain from charging developers any platform fee or commission for In-App Payments, allowing developers the flexibility to integrate any payment gateway of their preference within their apps.

Akash Dongre, the CPO & Co-Founder of Indus Appstore, shared enthusiasm about the launch, emphasizing India’s burgeoning smartphone user base, projected to surpass 1 billion by 2026. He underscored the significant opportunity to establish a localized Android app store, providing developers with an alternative to the Google Playstore. The Indus Appstore aims to enhance app discovery and consumer engagement while offering a credible platform for developers to showcase their apps.

The PhonePe App store offers developers a new channel to reach Indian Android users. It helps them acquire users by promoting their apps in multiple languages. For startups and new apps, there’s a special section called “Launch Pad” for better visibility and search optimization. The PhonePe App store platform provides various tools to address common challenges faced by Android developers, including 24/7 customer support in India, listing apps in 12 Indian languages, and promoting brand awareness through engaging videos.

PhonePe App store {INDUS}:10 things you need to know

  1. PhonePe faces a significant challenge: competing with Google in the app market. To tackle this, the digital payments company has launched the Indus Appstore.
  2. PhonePe assures Android app developers of no fees on their platform, allowing them to retain all earnings from in-app payments.
  3. The Indus Appstore proudly hails from India, offering a more localized approach compared to Google Play Store, catering predominantly to Indian users.
  4. Initially, app listings on the Indus Appstore are free for the first year, with a small fee applicable thereafter.
  5. Developers enjoy the freedom to select their preferred payment gateway without incurring extra charges for in-app payments on the Indus Appstore.
  6. Users can explore the PhonePe App store {INDUS} in their preferred Indian language, with support for 12 different languages.
  7. Developers can kickstart their journey on the Indus Appstore by registering and uploading their apps through
  8. New developers benefit from a dedicated section called “Launch Pad,” providing increased visibility and improved search rankings for their apps.
  9. India’s booming smartphone user base, projected to exceed 1 billion by 2026, presents a vast market opportunity for app developers.
  10. The Indus App Store equips developers with supportive tools for app growth, including round-the-clock customer support and the option to list apps in Indian languages. Additionally, developers can create engaging promotional videos.

PhonePe’s Indus App Store aims to offer a fairer and more localized alternative for Indian app developers, particularly in light of criticism directed at Google and Apple’s app stores for their rules and fees. This move has the potential to enhance competitiveness in the app market and challenge the dominance of major tech companies.

About PhonePe

PhonePe started in December 2015 and is now India’s biggest payments app, helping both customers and sellers join the digital world. Over 485 million people use it, meaning one out of every four Indians has PhonePe. They’ve also made it possible for over 36 million offline sellers in smaller towns and areas to go digital, covering almost all postal codes in India. PhonePe is a leader in Bharat Bill Pay System, handling more than 45% of its transactions. Since 2017, PhonePe has been offering secure investment options, like Mutual Funds and Insurance, making financial services accessible to everyone. They were recently named the Most Trusted Brand for Digital Payments in the 2023 Brand Trust Report by Trust Research Advisory (TRA).

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