is time travel possible and formula of time travel


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Now in today’s world or century the way or method of “Time travel” is very advance technology and imagination as well. Because now human civilization not having very advance technology. And also, not capable to understand all about quantum world. And everything is created by atoms. But before the time travel, we must take knowledge about what is time and what is space. These things are help us to understand theory of relativity, Heisenberg uncertainty principle.
and some other hypothetical ways

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What is time?

The Human Experience of Time

For us, time is more than just a measurement; it’s an integral part of our daily lives. It serves as the framework within which we organize our experiences, memories, and plans. Our lives are punctuated by time’s steady march – from the rising of the sun to the ticking of a clock, it’s a constant presence.

The Scientific Understanding of Time

In the realm of science, time takes on a different dimension, intertwined with the fabric of the universe itself. Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity revolutionized our understanding of time by showing that it’s not a constant, but a variable influenced by motion and gravity.

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What is Space?

From the perspective of time travel, space takes on an entirely new dimension. It becomes the canvas upon which the fabric of time is woven. Time travel, a concept that captivates our imagination, envisions space not just as a static backdrop but as a dynamic stage where the past, present, and future coexist.

In the realm of time travel, space serves as the conduit through which we navigate temporal landscapes. It becomes the medium through which we journey to different eras, whether by theoretical wormholes connecting distant points in spacetime or through the manipulation of quantum properties.

The understanding of space, in the context of time travel, challenges our conventional perception. It beckons us to contemplate space as a portal to ages long past or a gateway to futures yet to unfold. Space becomes the canvas where paradoxes like the ‘grandfather paradox’ and the ‘butterfly effect’ play out, raising questions about causality and the consequences of tampering with time.

Theory of relativity and time travel

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is like a cosmic game-changer in our understanding of time and space. It says that time isn’t always ticking at the same rate for everyone; it’s kind of stretchy. Here’s how it plays into time travel:

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  1. Special Theory of Relativity (STR):
    Imagine if you were on a super-fast spaceship, zooming through space at almost the speed of light. For you, time would actually slow down compared to people on Earth. So, when you return, you’ll find that less time has passed for you than for your friends back home. It’s like you’ve jumped into the future.
  2. General Theory of Relativity (GTR):
    Einstein also told us that gravity isn’t just about things falling; it’s about how stuff warps space and time. Near a massive object like a planet, time runs slower. This is why your GPS works – satellites’ clocks run a teeny bit faster because they’re farther from Earth’s gravity.

Complex thing Is.

Time Travel to the Past

While the theories allow for time to slow down or speed up, they don’t give us a magic ticket to the past. Traveling backward in time, especially without causing all sorts of confusing paradoxes, is still a puzzle scientist are trying to solve.

we know that time can be flexible, and we can jump ahead into the future. But for now, those thrilling journeys to the past are mostly reserved for the pages of science fiction.

But it is not totally true because human being tries to understand quantum mechanics and quantum computing. These two are best for proof quantum momentum and dilation of quantum particles.

Now we can try to understand about time travel with help of Heisenberg uncertainty principle:

Heinberg principle with quantum mechanics

Heisenberg uncertainty principle:
The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is like a cosmic speed limit for the smallest things in the universe. It’s this rule in quantum physics that tells us there’s a fundamental limit to how much we can know about a particle’s properties. This principle, proposed by Werner Heisenberg, states that the more precisely we know a particle’s position (Δx), the less precisely we can know its momentum (Δp), and vice versa. This is expressed in a simple formula:

Δx * Δp ≥ ħ/2

Here, Δx represents the uncertainty in position, Δp is the uncertainty in momentum, and ħ (pronounced “h-bar“) is the reduced Planck constant, a tiny but crucial number in quantum physics. What it all means is that the more you try to pin down a particle’s position, the fuzzier its momentum becomes, and vice versa. This isn’t because of measurement errors; it’s a fundamental feature of the quantum world.

Time travel scenario:

We assume a futuristic device for clarification. Like “Heisenberg time machine”. Which is capable to manipulate quantum particles. And quantum particles are one of the way real time travels. With helps of Heisenberg time machine. We can manipulate quantum particles and make a tunnel to one point to another. But with quantum particles lots of tunnels will have created. And with helps of quantum manipulation we can set date and time and easily travel in the past and future and with one specific quantum point from. Where was we starting our journey. And that point is help us to come to our present. With quantum mechanics understanding we can travel in future and as well

We can understand time with help of some other theory and principles.

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